Welcome to the "Candle Workshop" 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the artistry of candle making and indulge in the fragrant beauty of botanicals? We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Candle Workshop, where we will embark on a journey of creativity and sensory delight

During this hands-on workshop, you will learn the intricate process of crafting exquisite candles from scratch. I will guide you through every step, from the process of waxmelting to choosing the perfect blend of botanicals and fragrances

Date: 9 march 2024

Time: 16:00

Price : 45€ per person. Payment on site on the day of the workshop in cash

Highlights :

Wax Preparation. Discover the secrets behind melting and preparing wax to achieve the ideal consistency for your candles.

Flower Selection. Delve into the art of botanical selection as you pick from a variety of dried flowers and herbs from the FlowerFarm to adorn your candles with natural beauty.

Choosing the Fragrances. Unleash your olfactory senses as you experiment with an array of captivating Italian fragrances, using scents that will infuse your candles with charm and allure.

No prior experience is needed—just bring your enthusiasm and an appreciation for the beauty found in every petal. All materials will be provided, except a good pair of scissors for fine work.

Spaces for this workshop are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot early by. Reserve your spot now and let your creativity bloom!

minimum number present for the lesson to go ahead : 5 persons

Maximal participants : 10 persons

We look forward to crafting beautiful candles together!

45.00 €
price incl. VAT excluding shipping cost excl. VAT 36.89 €