Welcome to the Flowerstyling workshop for April !

Get out of the daily grind and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of flowers during our unique workshop. This time there will be 2 of us. I will be assisted by my friend Marzena, a very talented flower stylist. This workshop will take you on an enchanting journey from the field to a beautiful flower arrangement, all with seasonal flowers directly from our meadow.

This workshop offers not only the opportunity to be creative, but also to experience nature in an intimate way. From the picking of fresh flowers to the creation of a masterpiece, you will go through every step of the process. The picking will take place under my guidance, with a word of explanation, and then under that of Marzena, who will share her experience and passion for flower arrangements with you.

During this hands-on experience, you will learn how to choose the right flowers, treat them correctly and combine them harmoniously to create a beautiful flower arrangement that reflects your personal style. Whether you are a beginner or already an expert in flower arranging, this workshop is suitable for anyone who loves flowers and wishes to express their creativity.

Visit us at the FlowerFarm, where together we will celebrate the beauty of nature and bring flowers to life in breathtaking compositions. Get ready to be inspired, to learn new skills and above all to have fun while we create something beautiful together. We look forward to welcoming you!

Date: Saturday 13th of April 

Time: 6.00 pm

Location: Slow Living in Umbria Self-cultivation Camp - Cecanibbi - Case Ciottoli 40/B

Price: 45€ per person. Payment on site on the day of the workshop by cash/PayPal. Flowerbar drink included

All you need to bring is a beautiful vase of your own, which you can take home with you after making the bouquet. We will give you more specific instructions, if you need them, shortly before the workshop.

Contact us to reserve your place and prepare yourself for an educational and inspiring experience in the world of spring flowers in a relaxing location!

minimum number of participants for the lesson: 5 people

maximum number of participants: 10 people Translated with 

45.00 €
price incl. VAT excluding shipping cost excl. VAT 36.89 €