🇬🇧 Growing flowers is a joy, but what I always regret is the fleeting time in which one can enjoy them. A fresh bouquet remains beautiful for a fortnight at most. And I always think it is a shame to throw them away. That is why I thought it made sense to continue their life by drying them. To this end, I use various methods:

Pressed Flowers

HERBARIUM ... This old method is especially successful with flowers with delicate petals. For this, I use flower presses or dry them between thick books. Afterwards, we can make beautiful creations with them, which we frame and send to you. 


This method I use natural and/or temperature-controlled techniques such as an oven, or herb dryer. The important thing is that the moisture is extracted, and usually the flowers are then hung upside down so they keep their shape, in a well-ventilated room, where preferably no sunlight can reach them

Silica Gel

This technique allows us to optimise colour retention. The flowers are placed in silica gel granules to dry (a kind of sand-like substance). After a few days, depending on the type of flower, they are dry.
🇬🇧 After the drying process, all this beauty is made into bouquets, flower arrangements, wreaths, framed or processed into decorative materials such as our soya candles and smudge sticks, which can be found in our webshop