Bring warmth and an enchanting atmosphere into your home with our beautiful heart-shaped mini fragrance blocks. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also spread a lovely scent that will enchant your senses. Each set contains 5 that are perfect for melting on a candle burner.

Made with love in the shape of hearts, making them perfect for romantic evenings, special occasions or just to add some extra love to your living space.

Choose from a range of colours to suit your personal style and interior. For an extra touch of elegance, some candles are subtly decorated with flower petals. Each candle is infused with a carefully chosen fragrance that creates a pleasant atmosphere based on natural Italian essential oils with floral scents. They are designed to melt easily on a candle burner, allowing you to safely enjoy the fragrance without worry.

Let love and fragrance melt together in the magic of these unique candles

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