Our Profumatori, enriched with the dried flowers directly from the Flowerfarm and natural Italian essential oils for fragrance.

These creations are hand-poured with care and attention, using sustainable soy wax. Can be used as a decorative element but also to perfume your rooms, wardrobe.

The flowers are carefully selected and dried and combined with the natural essential oils from Italy, known for their quality and purity, excite the senses.

Be enchanted by the sumptuous scents our Profumatori diffuses. Create an oasis of calm and relaxation in your living space, or give it as a refined gift to someone dear to you. Experience the luxury of natural fragrances and the artisanal craftsmanship of our candles.

Each profumatori is unique, and made based on the seasonal flowers available at the time. You can order personalised pieces, with inscriptions as you wish. Ideal for a keepsake for your guests for your wedding, birth or other event

8.00 €
price incl. VAT excluding shipping cost excl. VAT 6.56 €